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Dieting foods guide

Dieting foods guide 

dieting foods
Dieting Foods

Nutritionists say that our diet should include ' all ' but in the right amounts. We tell you more precisely what should be those amounts. (dieting foods)

None of our food shopping, however healthy it may be, is able by itself to provide the form with all the necessary nutrients it needs. Hence for good health is a need to include in the diet all kinds of food, yes, in the right quantities. But ... what are those numbers? We tell you the recommended by nutritionists as a function of food group servings and what those ' within households ' equivalent. So dieting foods.

Bread, cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes:
4-6 servings a day (best in its basic version). Pasta or rice, a regular course; bread, 3 or 4 slices or muffin; potatoes, one large or two small.

Vegetables and vegetables:
Two or more servings a day ( each serving about 150 to 220 grams. Might be a bowl of mixed salad, a cooked vegetable, tomato and two large carrots, etc.).

Fruits :
Three or more servings a day ( each serving about 120 to 200 grams . Starting a central piece, a cup of strawberries or cherries, two slices of melon ... ).

Milk, yogurt, cheese:
2-4 servings a day. This translates into a cup of milk a day; two yogurts; 2 or 3 slices of cheese (if cheese, one portion ).

2 to 4 servings per week ( each serving will be between 60 and 80 grams, i.e., a single regular plate ).

Fish :
3-4 servings per week. The serving is about an individual steak 125-150 grams. (Also dieting foods).

Lean meats, poultry, eggs:
3-4 servings per week ( other consumption). In the case of meat, a small fillet of 100-125 grams; birds, a quarter of a chicken or rabbit; eggs as one or two units.

Fats (butter, margarine ), pastries, soda, fatty meats, sausages:
Very casual and moderately.

water :
4-8 servings per day (4 to 8 large glasses of water ).

Olive oil:
3-6 servings a day. Each serving is equal to one tablespoon.

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