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Top nyc restaurants

Top nyc restaurants

The top nyc restaurants are as diverse as the five boroughs. From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, we are spoiled by the cultural cuisine in New York. Check out some suggestions for intercontinental dinner in the Big Apple.

Top nyc restaurants : Cantonese - Jing Fong Restaurant

Address: 20 Elizabeth Street

This is a great Cantonese restaurant , moderately priced in Manhattan. The menu offers the inevitable offers Dim Sum . Jing Fong offers a relaxed atmosphere and is suitable for children .

Top nyc restaurants : Italian - Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca

Address: 110 Waverly Place

The top nyc restaurants Award for 1998 by the James Beard , Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca specializes in Italian cuisine using only the freshest ingredients and authentic Foundation. Renowned chef Mario Batali hit some of the best authentic Italian cuisine in the city.

Top nyc restaurants is a must for food lovers in the Big Apple .

Top nyc restaurants : Shebeen Madiba - South Africa

Address: 195 Dekalb Ave

Touted as the first and only South African restaurant in New York , i- Shebeen Madiba is casual dining and serves not only traditional African dishes , but also international dishes influenced ( to match the cultural diversity of South Africa) . This great restaurant in New York is a must.

Top nyc restaurants : Pakistan - Pakistani Restaurant

Address: 478 9th Ave

As for the authenticity goes, the Pakistani restaurant hits the nail on the head for its culinary culture. Employees, offering warm and friendly Indian dishes and the Middle East, that have not been watered for Westerners. Meals are usually spicy and invigorating , and the atmosphere and decor to match.

Top nyc restaurants : Chinese - Shun Lee Palace

Address: 155 East 55th Street

Established in 1971 , Shun Lee Palace serves traditional Chinese delicacies Hunan , Beijing , Shanghai and Guangzhou regions. So top nyc restaurants.
The menu offers wonderful surprises such as grilled sea bass soup hot and sour bean paste. A takeaway menu is also available.

Top nyc restaurants : Spanish - Bolo

Address: 23 East 22 Street

Bolo is a Spanish themed top nyc restaurants, with an accent of flavor and excitement . Surprisingly , the restaurant does not offer tapas, but other options do spicy for her . The price is moderate a bit pricey, but the relaxed atmosphere and colorful decor compensate .

Top nyc restaurants : Polish - Bona

Address: 71-24 Fresh Pond Road

Bona is the place to go , cheap quality Polish cuisine . The menu ranges from potato pancakes stuffed potatoes in a true spirit of Poland, but there are many options in between. East New York, restaurant supplies takeaway and delivery of services , and also serves as a venue for parties and receptions.

Top nyc restaurants : Indian - Darbar

Address: 152 E 46th St

Another top nyc restaurants stop Darbar . Great menu and great service awesome . All Indians including favorites , the menu offers a wide selection of breads and Tandoori goat, lamb, fish, poultry and vegetarian dishes in most dishes .

Top nyc restaurants : Morocco - Sahara East

Address: 184 1st Ave

Although it may be a bit pricey , Eastern Sahara is a great place to relax with a few friends. Fast and efficient Oriental Sahara take care of you like you were a guest in their home . Besides the delicious East, Eastern Sahara hookahs and also offers a wide range of flavors . Relax on the patio smoking as the night unfolds .

Top nyc restaurants : Russia - Russian Firebird Restaurant

Address: 365 W 46th St

Firebird Russian Restaurant offers an exquisite evening of good food and a nice atmosphere. Although a bit pricey , Firebird offers unrivaled value for money it's presentation and spices. Russian Firebird Restaurant is closed on Mondays , and reservations are recommended.

Top nyc restaurants : Muldoons Irish Pub - Irish

Address: 692 3rd Ave

Muldoon is certainly not the only Irish pub in New York, but is mentioned . This cozy pub New York is a great place to stop for lunch at a pub or a couple of pints . The menu offers dishes of corned beef and cabbage for fish and chips. Friendly staff and Irish-style ( and the selection of faucets ) have their smiling eyes - Irish or otherwise.

Top nyc restaurants : Vietnamese - Banh Mi Saigon Bakery

Address: 138 Mott St

Although this is only a basic groceries and bakery away, Banh Mi Saigon specializes in sandwiches and is a must if you are visiting or necessary to take a tour of the city. Prices are very reasonable, so reasonable , maybe worth a second visit top nyc restaurants.

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