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Five napkin burger nyc

five napkin burger nyc

 In 2003, Andy D' Amico and Simon Oren opened Nice Matin on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Since opening night , no dish was more popular than the "five napkin burger nyc . " Dish has been so popular , in fact, that his partner Robert Guarino , D'Amico and Oren decided to make their own point of burger in hell's Kitchen . So five napkin burger nyc .

Five napkin burger nyc is 10 ounces of fresh ground beef with Swiss cheese , caramelized onions and rosemary aioli . In addition to the house burger , the menu offers six other bacon cheddar burgers , turkey, lamb kofta Italian burger, veggie burger , hamburger inside and salad burger. Basically, five napkin burger nyc is a neighborhood restaurant .

We finished the burger section of the menu with a wide variety of dishes that appeal to everyone in any group.

Our menu features artisanal sushi, appetizers and salads to dishes and a selection of dishes. Five napkin burger nyc menu has a lot to offer. The more difficult question may be what to drink with food . You can choose from 50 types of beers, wines and specialty cocktails 10,100 .

Our atmosphere is casual and fun , so whatever you choose to eat or drink , be ready to enjoy.

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