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best restaurants in brooklyn

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is well known to find a lot of options for dining destination . No matter where you turn to Brooklyn , New York , you will be able to find a restaurant to your taste buds crave. Anyone who lives in New York or even the people who travel the state will find some of the best restaurants in Brooklyn.

Best Restaurants in Brooklyn

First best restaurants in brooklyn Al Di La Trattoria

Tasty Italian food, how can you ever let this go? You will be surprised by even the most simple food served in the restaurant, even the bread and butter is amazing. You will find Al Di La Trattoria at 248 Fifth Avenue and is easily detected . Just look at the construction of burgundy with yellow awnings hung in windows and you know you're in the right place . You go and enjoy a menu with a fine selection of authentic Italian food.

Carpaccio , Seppia and oxtail Zuppa Del Giorno and Malfatti are just a small selection of items on their menu . You do not want to lose their wine selection is .

2 best restaurants in brooklyn Anthony

If you like pizza, this is a restaurant you pay a visit to . This charming Italian restaurant not only feast on some of your favorite pizza, but you can also enjoy calzones , salads and a variety of dishes to enjoy macaroni. From the moment you walk in, you think you're in a real Italian pizzeria. Located at 426 Seventh Avenue , you can not miss the opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite Italian dishes.

3 best restaurants in brooklyn The River Cafe

The River Cafe is the perfect restaurant for anyone looking for a romantic evening with your partner or even if it is a first date. Is located on Water Street in best restaurants in brooklyn , New York with the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty are some of the most spectacular views.

This restaurant is a five star luxury for anyone looking to splurge on your night . The River Cafe offers a fine selection of American dishes , such as lamb ribs Colorado, crispy duck breast organic chicken breast and some of your options for dinner. They also have a variety of best restaurants in brooklyn dishes for lunch as New York Cut Sirloin Duo and molluscs followed by a delicious dessert menu that will not go without .

4 best restaurants in brooklyn Tanoreen
Tanoreen is at 7523 Third Avenue in Brooklyn and offers some of the best cuisines of the Middle East and the Mediterranean that your taste buds will never enjoy. Tanoreen is an excellent choice for those looking for a best restaurants in brooklyn casual dining experience the whole family can enjoy. Main dishes Tanoreen Mediterranean eggplant baked pie , Shepard and Kafta served . There are also a variety of seafood best restaurants in brooklyn dishes and desserts holiday inspired four options in the Middle East for you to choose . Tanoreen is a family business opened by Rawia Bishara in 1998 with her daughter to join the team in 2006.

5 best restaurants in brooklyn Islands

You'll find the islands 803 Washington Avenue. They serve lunch and dinner, but if you are looking for alcohol , unfortunately , will not have their favorite drinks. The good news is that it's BYOB so you can always have a drink while dining on a wonderful Caribbean cuisine.

If you decide islands is a restaurant you might be interested in trying Jerk wings are an absolute must try appetizer. You will be amazed by their shrimp dishes , including shrimp Calypso . The restaurant is quite small , however, and is not the place you would like to eat, but the food is terrific . You will not be disappointed to get out best restaurants in brooklyn!

6 best restaurants in brooklyn Traif

Traif specializes in American soul food . You'll want to come back for more as soon as you leave the restaurant. The experience and great service from the moment you walk in the door. Strawberry glazed baby ribs is a favorite among those who decided to give them a chance , but they also have many other dishes to choose if there seems to appeal to you best restaurants in brooklyn. Traif is located at 229 South Fourth Street and has recently opened on Monday for a nice cocktail bar.

7 best restaurants in brooklyn The Farm on Adderley

The food at the farm on Adderley is always delicious , no matter how often you go or what day of the week it is. The kitchen is their specialty and not be disappointed by your company or striped bass Burger Grill , every dish is cooked to perfection . You will find the farm on Adderley 1108 Cortelyou Road . So best restaurants in brooklyn.

8 best restaurants in brooklyn Gandhi Fine Indian Cuisine

Gandhi offers the most authentic Indian food is in best restaurants in brooklyn . You feel like you're in a family of India serves excellent dishes that have been passed from generation to generation. Gandhi is in a small building at 2032 Bedford Avenue. You can enjoy delicious dishes like Mali Kofta , Matar Paneer Pakoras and .

9 best restaurants in brooklyn Tacis Beyti

If you 're in the mood for a delicious Turkish cuisine , nightlife Tacis 1955 Coney Island Avenue Beyti and is a real pleasure . Shish kebab lamb , shepherd salad , Chicken Gyro , the selection is excellent. If you are on a tight budget, it is also a good choice for you best restaurants in brooklyn.

10 best restaurants in brooklyn Saul restaurant

best restaurants in brooklyn Saul has six different entrances for a memorable dinner . American dishes , including Alaskan King Salmon , Toast Skate under local striped, four-story Hill Farms Sweetbreads , Maine diver scallops and Pace Farms tasting pork are all that you will not want to miss. You can find the best restaurants in brooklyn Saul 140 Smith Street.

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