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Best Italian Restaurants NYC

best italian restaurants nyc

New York has many fabulous restaurants, but, honestly, it also has some not-so-good ones, and at first glance, it's not always easy to tell the difference. You want those fantastic, giddy, transporting meals that you'll remember for years, not touristy overpriced places, of course. So, I'm excited to share our ten absolute favorite best italian restaurants nyc.

1. ’ino. This teeny Italian sandwich shop is magical. The delicious pressed panini combine bold meats and cheeses (my favorite is the cacciatorini, goat cheese and black olive pesto), and the ambiance is bustling and romantic. Honestly, it's the type of food that makes you say "Oh my goodness, this is so good" with every bite. It's the perfect cheap best italian restaurants nyc date spot, or place to meet a friend for a cozy dinner. best italian restaurants nyc (Insider tip: Stop by to have a glass of wine in the late afternoon; it's quieter then, and you can sit at the wooden bar, sip your wine and watch the light slant in through the windows.) best italian restaurants nyc Update: 'ino has closed! Heartbreak! Two other great neighborhoody Italian restaurants in the West Village are Malaparte (bonus: they take reservations for two!) and Frankies Spuntino (recommendations: the ricotta honey crostini, the meatball sandwich, the tuna sandwich and the spicy sausage cavatelli)

Sicilians, Calabrians, Florentines, and folks from all over Italy settled what is now New York City, bringing with them their bread, their cheese, best italian restaurants nyc their pasta, and the rest of their glorious culinary traditions. Today, we still feel the influence best italian restaurants nyc of NYC's deep Italian roots. On one corner you can find a tub of freshly made ricotta best italian restaurants nyc, on the next a perfect plate of eggplant parm, and down the street a restaurant serving plates of cacio e pepe just like you'd get in Rome. So best italian restaurants nyc.

There's such an abundance of Italian food in this city, it can be difficult to wade through the mediocre to find the truly amazing spots. Which is why we’ve listed our top Italian restaurants in NYC, including both classics and newcomers. We’ve featured a throwback best italian restaurants nyc Williamsburg joint serving cheese-and-sauce–laden Italian American stalwarts, alongside Brooklyn's best farm-to-table pizza spot and a West Village hideaway serving lusty plates of foie gras pasta and perfect Negronis. Than best italian restaurants nyc.

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